About Euroboutique RX

EuroBoutique Rx, a boutique birthed in answer to heart yarning of our customers spread around the world one. A yearning to have their fashion needs met without hassles and at affordable cost. We meet this through unique customizations tailor made to our individual customers with array of choices and styles that stands out among our pairs. We are located at 139 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH. Our boutique is directly opposite Cincinnati Tri County mall, the second largest malls. EB Rx presently serves as home to various men’s clothing for our targeted clientele around the Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus, Indianapolis, Northern Kentucky-Lexington-Louisville, and Chicago Avis. We are a growing concern and will be adding children and women lines to our items that we carry. Currently, we specialized in European fitted suits, shirts, ties, shoes, belts, and other accessories.


Why create a men’s boutique?

As someone who regularly wears suits from Europe, I know what I always go through to get them. Also, I know a lot of friends who buys suits from either Africa, Asia, and of course Europe. Seeing what they go through just to get their suits gave me more reason to make this happen. Sometimes, people buy from Africa yet have a hard time getting someone to bring their suits. Others buy, and it turn out it isn’t their right sizes. Others say it is too expensive to order them from Europe. With a revelation from a minister of the gospel based in Europe, my passion to get into a men’s boutique was finally revealed.